Happy 2020! I am Cubit – Developer, Admin, Everything of SU.

Life has been busy, but it doesn’t mean I won’t move forward with my plans since I was a teenager: make my own ANN, MAL, MU, NU, RC, and more. These sites defined my childhood, improved the visibility of foreign entertainment (mostly, anime, manga, and novels), and made me realised that there are still endless series out there that is yet to be discovered.
So I’m throwing more spice into the mix that will take over Everything: SU.

And this blog will be part of that.

I remember when I first came across Random Curiosity (RC) – I wasn’t reader… Like most others, I skim through bloggers’ episode summary, and I liked seeing screenshots of an anime episode. They were “quick preview” and “light spoilers” before I watch it. 

I was a fan of Omni (the one who started RC), and I was saddened when he left. Grown-up reasons: he finished school and found a job – so he didn’t have time to continue blogging. I’m the opposite – stable and stressful work, but side project like these brings back my passion as a Software Developer, and as a fan.

This blog will have a similar format to RC, but it won’t just be about animes. It will also be about manga, web novels, light novels, webtoons and hopefully more. RSS feed posts will be used as updates to seriesupdates.org! More to come later…

Featuring Alice (my fave) from Sword Art Online: Alicization

To jump-start this blog, I will invite fellow fans to join me. Of course, blogging takes times, so they will be paid for their contribution (hopefully, I don’t run out of cash…). If you are interested, feel free to reach out.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you join my journey – however short it may be.


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