This was supposed to be a movie, but since HorribleSubs released three “episodes”, I might as well split my review into three parts.

I was expecting some sort of time-skip for this movie, but I didn’t expect it to start with a bang. And few hours after Yayoi’s presumptive “death” too. Thankfully, they’ve revealed that she’s still alive! My life is saved – hallelujah. I can’t have my favourite character dying. She’s way too cool to die.

Seems like Koichi Azusawa, the “First Inspector”?… is the bad guy this time. I hated his guts for nearly killing Yayoi. I hope he gets the fate he deserves. Anyway, it appears that he needed Yayoi’s authorisation card to get into the Public Safety Bureau’s headquarter. Him, along with Chiyo Obata (she’s no match Shion though in terms of hacking and creativity), took over the whole building, basically locking everyone in, holding them hostage. It seems that he’s creating chaos and wants to see how people are going to react. He sees himself “out of the system” – out of the game – maybe that’s why his hue isn’t clouding. He orders “death” of the Bureau Chief, but we all know she’s still alive… Sibyl.

With the help of Karina and Shion, Arata escaped after Azusawa held him hostage. And then the episode ended.

By the way, I’m still not sure if Kei’s going to tell anyone about the fact that he’s in cahoot with the Congressmen (I assume to be the main bad guys).

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