This was mostly action pack – the Bureau running around trying to save everyone they can.

Azusawa and his mind games. Shion almost poisoned by gas (this was the first time she gets into mortal danger because she’s always behind the scenes!). “Old” shotgun dominators (which has a few second cool-down). And finally Kei’s double spying. I know he’s not going to hurt Karina, but that Congressman guy wants access to her AI. Bad thing’s going to happen to her if bad thing happens to that AI – she seems dependent on it.

Anyway, this was a somewhat boring episode, but I guess there were a few revelations – it appears that Arata’s dad is aware of Sibyl’s true nature. And it looks like Arata’s about to learn it? I hope so, but I wonder how he’s going to react. Probably not a big deal – shoganai?

Also, where’s Akane?

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