Well, this Bifrost arc ended earlier than I expected. It was anti-climatic. It ended just like that – so much for those hype from the previous season.

Bifrost or “Roundrobin” is a system outside of Sibyl to help it evolve and fix whatever loopholes it has, by giving it challenges. Congressmen, I would assume, are position given to people so that they could control it. Speaking of that, the Congressman guy (Shizuka Homura) is a good guy after all, and his goal was to destroy the Bifrost System – by having Sibyl becoming one of the Congressman. Either way, Sibyl destroyed Bifrost / Roundrobin. And it looks like Homura is going to be a regular character – he’s promoted to be a PSB Chief!

We still don’t know why Akane was imprisoned, but at least she’s out now with Shinya (are they a couple now?), so I’m satisfied. It looks like she’s going make a comeback as Mika’s enforcer assistant.

Azusawa is such a weak, third-rate antagonist. So your goal was to join the Sibyl System and become God? Ha! Weak! You’re not worthy. And Arata Shindou is someone of “particular viewpoint unconstrained by conventional ethics”? Sibyl, seriously? You want someone like that? He’s like the most typical, clich√©, Japanese main character. I’m disappointed in you (all – since brains). Akane is right – you need to get rid of yourself.

I look forward to the next season – this series needs more Akane and Shinya.

Series Detail: https://seriesupdates.org/series/anime/psycho-pass-3-movie-first-inspector

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