The contents are small because I only scraped MAL using jikan (thanks – it really saved me time). I plan to open the Series API (GraphQL?) so anyone can contribute (it’s not just anime/manga), but it’s closed for now to keep things clean. I only need a small dataset as a start.

Categories are open – anyone can add or vote any categories however they like. This is a nice feature inspired by Baka-Updates Manga, which is probably more useful and descriptive than synopsis in my opinion. It may, however, spoil the series for you, so be careful.

Search is dumb and slow – trigram similarity on name (with alternative names), genres and types. Weighted: .8, .1, .1. Not sure why I did that, but will drop trigram is if it kills my server.

Site changes will be posted here regularly. The next iteration is to get scrapy up, dynamically select and assign data to series. These data are intended to be “updates” of that series.

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