I knew she wasn’t going to kill Somali – she’s just way too adorable. But we get to see a flashback from Haitora, and it was darker than I expected!

Haitora used to be with his family – a daughter and wife, when they, along with other villagers were hunted down by monsters. Some became slaves, and some were eaten! Haitora and his family were able to get away, but they had nothing to eat. Eventually, he found another monster, decided to stone her down, killing her. Then he told his family to eat her because karma… His wife and daughter are then poisoned, and only he lived… Karma indeed!

Well, that monster happened to be Uzoi’s mom. Out of guilt, I guess he decided to take her in and take care of her… Uzoi overheard of this flashback and felt betrayed. But in the end, they’re still together 🙂

I wasn’t expecting this episode to be somewhat dark, but considering the premise of the series, it’s not completely unexpected. I hope Haitora lives more, but honestly, the future of humanity in this world is screwed.

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