Well, well, well! That was a fun episode. Somali and her Golem dad visited a witch settlement to get more information about humans. I’m very impressed with this series. There are so many cool graphics and world-building – there’s simply no lack of that. And I always liked witches, and this new mini-arc is about that.

So they went to a library and found a book about humans. But then they failed to get it because of these so-called book eaters. Somali was almost hurt because she wouldn’t let go of the book which the book eaters were after… Her Golem dad saved her, of course, revealing some of his powers – he’s quite strong. Unfortunately, this might’ve reduced his lifespan because he got hurt.

I look forward to seeing this witch head librarian. Hopefully, we’ll get some information about humans.

Series Detail: https://seriesupdates.org/series/anime/somali-to-mori-no-kamisama

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