This was an interesting episode! Having to read the webtoon, I can see the parts that anime decided to cut off, and as well as differences. Bam’s name – he’s called Yoru in the Japanese dub. Minor spoiler, but both Bam and Yoru means “night” – Korean and Japanese respectively. This will have importance in the coming episodes.

In any case, some good friendship between Bam, Rak and Khun. I will always like this trio, and I can assure you that they are one of the best in the cast.

I look forward to seeing how this is adapted. Quite frankly, the webtoon is shounen-ish for my taste, but I’ll make an effort to follow this series (I made it part of the home page after all), and as well as the webtoon. Apparently, it’s called the “One Piece of webtoons” because of its sheer contents… So you can imagine how many floors this damn tower going to have…

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